Great-Data-In, Great Insights-Out. Deploying a Data Portal is just the first step to having an effective open data initiative. Our Data Services help ensure the data you publish is useful and relevant, and can support data-driven solutions for your jurisdiction.

Data Integration

We offer three types of Data Integration services: data cleaning, data enrichment, and data gathering. Our team will work with you to evaluate your data needs and develop a package of services to maximize the usefulness of your data.

Data Cleaning

Data Cleaning

Our data cleaning services can help you get your data ready for an internal use or for publication on an data portal. Data cleaning services include the removal of null fields, de-duplication, replacement of special characters, normalization (e.g. breaking up large tables into more manageable, logical tables), conversion of business logic into coded values, and conversion of data into standard formats.

We also offer specialized geospatial data cleaning services. Geospatial data cleaning services include converting ESRI geodatabases and shapefiles into web friendly formatted data (geoJSON or topoJSON) and simplifying geospatial data for use by software developers (e.g. simplification of geometries, conversion from multipart to singlepart, and removal of multiarrays).

Data Enrichment

Our data enrichment services add meaningful geographic contexts to datasets using longitude and latitude values (geocoded data). Available geographic contexts include political (such as US Congressional Districts, County, or City), administrative (Zip Code), census (block, block group, tract), environmental (flood maps, elevation), or other (TV markets, neighborhoods).

We also offer specialized demographic enrichment services to add meaningful demographic contexts to datasets. Demographic enrichment adds select demographic data from the US Census to your geocoded data. We provide demographic profiles based on geographic contexts (e.g., Zip Codes, neighborhoods) or specified radius (e.g. ½ mile). Availability of demographic enrichment varies by region.

Data Gathering

Our data gathering services can help you gather structured data from various sources (e.g. legacy systems, websites, PDFs, and various proprietary data sources/formats). Services include scraper/spider development, OpenRefine recipe development, custom Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) development and automating harvesting from these sources. Ontodia has developed connectors for enterprise ETL tools like Pentaho Kettle, Safe Software FME, and OpenRefine to accelerate this effort.

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data security audit

Security Audit & Testing

Through our partner, ExternetWorks, we also offer Security Audit & Testing services. As we conduct a data inventory, we can also conduct a security audit of the associated systems that store the data. In certain states like New Jersey, its now required by law to deploy and maintain strong security controls and compliance with numerous regulations. Doing the audit while shortlisting opendata for publishing allows your jurisdiction to do so in a most cost-effective way.

Data Subscriptions

We’ve compiled geotemporal Key Place Indicators (KPIs) for all 3,000+ counties and 35,000+ townships/municipalities in the US, wrangling maps/data from various high-value sources like the Census, the Dept of Labor Statistics, and the FBI.

You can subscribe not only to these KPIs, but the data behind them as well.


We offer two types of data visualization: interactive online maps and custom infographics. Our team will work with you to evaluate your data visualization needs and develop a package of custom products to craft the most compelling stories from your data.



We will help you create custom interactive online maps with your data. We can highlight key geospatial insights within your data by visualizing trends over time, demographic context, or mashups tailored to your mission.


We will help you create custom infographics data with your data. Infographics take your data communication to the next level with graphs and charts designed to make the most impact.

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