Ontodia provides #OpenInfrastructure – professional support for hosting, installing, customizing, and maintaining your Data Portal using CKAN – the world’s leading open-source data portal platform that powers the biggest data portals in the world, including and

To date, installing and managing a CKAN installation required advanced expertise. And even if you manage to deploy it on your own – spinning up a data portal is just the first step – you still needed a team to put your data to work – to customize it to your requirements; to connect to your internal systems with Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) scripts; to screen/normalize/enrich/geocode your datasets; to create maps and visualizations; to integrate the hundreds of extensions at; to setup harvesters to gather data from related datasources; to patch and maintain your installation with the latest updates.

CivicDashboards – Ontodia’s value-added CKAN-as-a-service, offers the quickest way to get a full-fledged, customizable data portal up and running and allows you to focus on putting your data to work.

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CKAN is the world’s leading open-source data portal platform. “CKAN provides a streamlined way to make your data accessible – by providing tools to streamline publishing, sharing, finding and using the data.” And last but not least, CKAN has hundreds of extensions developed by the community – from civic hackers to national governments, to put your data to work. Take the CKAN feature tour.

Why Ontodia?

As CKAN is free, open-source, #OpenInfrastructure software, data publishers have full freedom to choose any supplier for hosting and support. As a veteran CKAN specialist, choosing Ontodia allows you to focus on putting your data to work, and to take advantage of all the value-added features we’ve created to amplify and accelerate your open data initiative.

We do this while maintaining all the freedoms of #OpenInfrastructure – so much so that if you don’t want to run your data portal on our hosted offering, we can even deploy it on-premise, or as a remotely managed solution. All without the lock-in of proprietary solutions.

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