cd_db5We take opendata from raw datasets in the cloud, to actionable information you can use with our integrated collaborative analytics. We do this by aggregating data from various sources – public and private, and combining it with YOUR data, to help you bring data-driven solutions to YOUR issues.

– Marshall your disparate data sources from various silos

– Discover, analyze, collaborate and get insights

– Easily identify patterns in your data

Configuring and launching an Open Data Portal is just the beginning of a comprehensive Open Data Program. Ontodia also offers Analytics-as-a-Service value-added support subscriptions to put your data to work and to help you grow local capacity to ensure you get the most value from the system.

Analytics-as-a-Service complements your internal data science capacity with Solution Templates and Consulting Hours. Subscribers get access to the Solution Template Library – pre-built Solution Templates including Crime Maps, Economic Activity Dashboards, Snowplow Trackers, ClimateTagger and open source civictech projects like Citygram. Bundled consulting hours can be used to configure Solution Templates, for data integration, even to create additional custom solutions that are then added to the Solution Template Library

Ontodia offers additional value added services in these areas:

– Development of ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) scripts

– Geospatial Enrichment Services (geocoding, data contextualization, etc.)

– Visualization creation/development

– Dashboard creation/customization (

– Custom software development, including development of CKAN extensions that can be open-sourced and shared with the community.