Meet the team

The co-founders of Ontodia, Joel Natividad and Sami Baig, are both IT veterans with proven management and delivery skills leading large multinational teams in numerous mission-critical projects for Fortune 1000 companies.

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Joel Natividad

CEO /Co-Founder

Semtech practitioner, Open Data Fanatic, Open Source contributor, Smart City Follower, LAMP Master, Civic Hacker, Viz Addict, MVA disciple, Freethinker, Urban Biker, Gadget Freak, Apple Fanboy, Father & Entrepreneur.

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Sami Baig

President / Co-Founder

Open Data advocate, Open Source coder, AWS Guru, 5 9’s Fanatic,  Civic Volunteer, Community Leader, Father & Entrepreneur.


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Dr. Mark Greaves


Dr. Mark Greaves is currently Technical Director for Analytics in the National Security Directorate of the US’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. At PNNL, Mark provides scientific, programmatic, and business development leadership, focused on advancing and growing PNNL’s capability in information analytics. He works with cutting-edge PNNL scientific teams from AI, analytics, machine learning, semantic and web computing, information visualization, and human-centered software systems to develop systems that dramatically accelerate the pace of discovery in data-intensive scientific and government applications.

Previously, he was Director, Knowledge Systems at Vulcan, Inc. Vulcan is the asset management organization for Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft, At Vulcan, he oversaw advanced research in large knowledge bases, electronic textbooks, web-scale symbolic data, and collaboration technologies, including Project Halo (

Previously to Vulcan, Mark was Program Manager in DARPA’s Information Exploitation Office (IXO) for the DAML, UltraLog, and Advanced Logistics Projects. At DARPA, he has sponsored research on logistics and supply chain control technologies, formal ontology specification, semantic web technology, and the application of software agent technology to problems of distributed control of complex systems-of-systems. Prior to coming to DARPA, he led advanced programs in software agent technology at the Mathematics and Computing Technology group of Boeing’s Phantom Works division. His main research interests are in mathematical logic, semantic web, and software agent technology, about which he has published two books and several papers.
Mark holds a PhD from Stanford University.

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Jerry Kestenbaum


Jerry Kestenbaum is the founder and CEO of the SAAS web operations platform, in use daily by over 3,000 luxury residential high-rise communities, their residents, and staff, across 32 states and 12 countries.  Jerry also leads BuildingLink’s engineering and partners initiatives, and has invested in leading edge technology startups promoting products or services that are potentially synergistic to multi-family real estate and to the in-home living experience.

Jerry’s early-stage investments have been in areas as diverse as energy management feedback dashboards, insurance compliance tracking, IoT connected sensors and solutions, new-age intercom systems, biometric identification, localization support, time/attendance and payroll, and community-centric open data. Mr. Kestenbaum is recognized as an expert in using ETL and web services to get different data sets and software programs to “play nicely together”.

Prior to his BuildingLink career, Mr. Kestenbaum spent 20 years in the industrial gas industry, designing and implementing CFC refrigerant recycling systems and businesses. He went on to receive an EPA award for his work in the area of Stratospheric Ozone Protection. He is an active participant in the NYC “Silicon Alley” ecosystem as an investor, connector, and mentor.

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Norman Corn


Norman Corn is a veteran executive of the global Technology industry who has contributed to the success of Fortune 100 firms and entrepreneurial ventures, leading public and private companies.