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NYC Department of Education

The Department of Education hired Ontodia to get their High School Handbook data ready for developers. We cleaned this data and worked with the Department to curate other relevant datasets that could provide context to the high school choice process. This data was then made available through the Department of Education’s first public API. [MORE]

Projected Population Manhattan CB2

Ontodia conducted a population projection report for Manhattan Community Board 2.
The Community Board was interested in a projected population of 5-year-olds in the year 2019 that would likely attend schools in or near the study area.
Our projection accounted for changes in component trends in births, deaths, and net migration that affect population growth.
An analysis of the birth rates indicated that while the birth rate in Manhattan has been falling for the past decade it has been increasing in the Study Area.

"With the help of PediaCities, developers from around the world can now access a robust set of school data which they can link to other open datasets to create databases, apps, and visualizations of NYC schools. While the high school admissions experience has improved incrementally over the years the creation of this API leaps us a generation forward"